Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lossie East beach & Forest

After around 8 hrs of constant rain today, it finally cleared to leave a calm evening. It was a perfect chance to try out the new mudguards fitted to the bike, as the route would take me up the river Lossie at low tide, cross over to the forest, then eventually return via the beach. Excellent ride, previous wet weather making it very quite, with very few people out..... 

Owning a fat bike really does open up your route options!

The singletrack that is all over Lossie forest was previously really hard going with a regular bike, as even with wide DH tyres, they would just sink in the soft sand, don't have that problem now though!
The trails are actually MX/enduro tracks from the Scottish championship route that takes place here each year, so they never really get a change to pack down, before the bikes rip them up again. The floatation of the larry's make these trails a dream to ride now.

Heavy artillery posts between Lossie & Garmouth. The are 2 of these post covering a huge are of the inner Moray Firth

The is a small network of trenches & pill boxes behind each of these in surprisingly good condition

Largest gun would have been mounted in the middle. The studs are still visible on the floor.

Miles and miles of empty beach.....just the way we like it!

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