Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Nethy Trip

Myself & the family took off for a wee holiday in Nethy bridge at our favourite cottage. It goes without saying that the bike came too........ 

I had planned to take my Trek EX8, as it is a great XC bike, but I soon learned the trails were pretty wet & probably the better choice would be the fatbike, although I though this might be a gamble, considering the combination of terrain & bike weight. Only time would tell!

Almost as soon as we arrived, it started to rain & that was pretty much the story for the rest of the week. The trails were how you would expect to find them in January, not mid August! To give some idea of how wet it was, midway through the week I had to head into Aviemore to buy a pair of sealskinz socks & new waterproof boots. Scottish summer eh?

As this was a family holiday, most of my riding was done in the evenings, snatching a couple of hours on the trails around Nethy Bridge. There was some real nice riding, with a good choice of loops from the cottage door.

A fat bike needs a fat tree to rest on!

Scottish summer dusty trails......Hmmmm?

Now its starting to get wet! Emergency Tesco seat cover for Brooks saddle

One of the Building at forest lodge. I would be passing this again later in the week on the way up the Ryvoan pass.

Starting to think I made the right choice taking the 907. Any other bike would just have got stuck up here.

All the recent heavy rain had made the ford crossings a little challenging.  I didn't fancy the "bridge" or the 4 mile detour, so it was jus a case of go for it..

It might not look much, but that was almost up to the hubs. Got across though!

Even fatbike have there limits! To be fair, the bike probably would have made it if the rider was in the right gear, but unexpected swamp hole caught me out. 

That picture pretty much sums up the week.....wet, soft, but great fun! The bike was fantastic, coping with all the trail conditions with ease. The more I ride the bike, the more adaptable I'm finding it. Only downside it the strange looks people give you when you ride past! Say hello & folks just stare at the front tyre.

Ryvoan Pass & Sluggen Pass Next....

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