Friday, 30 September 2011

Mud crawling

Ok, that's me just finished with another great beach ride, testing out the new tyres, so here is my post ride thoughts, from the perspective of the conditions I ride regularly around Moray

I bought the nate to use as a mud tyre & that is pretty much what it should be used for. Think of it as a fatbike swampthing....

Compared to a regular Larry -
It weighs more
It doesn't roll as well....I would not like to ride these for huge distances
I would not use it as an all season trail tyre, I think the Husker Du is going to much better option. Nate has too deep a tread & open spacing for general use
makes your balls go numb when riding on the road 


It has awesome grip & traction....if you cant float over it, you are going to dig your way through with these! These are the ultimate winter tyre. If Nate had a last name, it should be Crawler! The extra traction in the sand was handy at times

The BFL works really well, I'm very impressed with them. They take everything that was good about Larry & make it just a little bit better. I was running 7psi on front tonight, I think I could have gone even lower without any problem...will experiment another day.

After trying the BFL/80mm combo on the beach tonight, I can only imagine the moonlander will be amazing to ride on soft snow & sand.

So what have I learned from this?.....well I have decided that for the moment, without going to the expense of the moonlander, I can get the most out of my bike with a second set of wheels.

The plan is to get a set of 100mm rims for beach riding. BFL on front, Larry on back
Second set will be my existing 80mm rims, with hopefully Husker Du all round, with Nate being the rear tyre choice during winter.


  1. Good first UK nate test!,
    Think i will stick with Larrys living here on the coast as 95% of my pugsley riding is sandy trails and beach, they have a place for mud plugging for sure, would be great fun over peat bogs,
    I dont need a Moonlander either, but cant help myself!,

  2. That's exactly what I'm going to be doing.
    Regular Larry is going back on rear, BFL on front for most of time if riding from door, ie coastal stuff.

    Only be fitting Nate if I plan to be riding in some of the muddy moorland trails, or some of the more boggy woods where larry struggles with grip