Monday, 24 October 2011

Random Moray riding

It has been a funny month..another trip offshore which always gets in the way of riding! Came home with nice dose of man flu, then busy getting ready for the arrival of motorman Jnr the 2nd  in a few weeks, finally the engine decided to die on the bike bus, so riding time has been at a premium lately!

Anyway, things are getting back to normal again & I have managed a few good rides on & off the beach to see how the 9zero7 would perform on XC trails.....little heavy, but huge fun factor is the answer! 

Heading up Bin hill, enjoying the first colour of autumn

Nice view from the top looking back towards Lossie in the distance

Another beautiful sunset on the Moray coast

Goodbye summer, we will miss you!

Riding the slime

Nate working it's magic at the Oakwoods in Elgin

Not the normal thing you find sitting at the side of the road, Buccaneer Jet, which used to be stationed at RAF Lossiemouth

Hauling ass on the way from lossie to the windfarms above elgin, before heading along Marnoch road to Rothes

Hardly felt a riding a sofa!

Heading back down from the hill into Rothes & the start of whiskey country

Some lovely still houses on climb from Rothes to Tiendland

Autumn in full colour

Anyone for a wee dram?

Final push for home in some stunning countryside. What better way to spend a Sunday?