Monday, 7 November 2011

Dufftown & Meikle Conval

After waking to a beautiful crisp Sunday morning, it was time to study the map & decide where to ride!
After a couple of coffee's I headed inland to Dufftown to start the ride out (known as the Malt Whiskey Capital of Scotland & home to several well know distilleries) 

A fresh & crisp Sunday Morning as I head out of Dufftown

Things soon to warm up in the low winter sun, very mild for this time of year

Near the top of the first climb above home farm. One of the easier climbs of the day

Stop to catch breath & photo at about 1/2 way up Meikle Conval, looking towards Little Conval to the North

Finally reached the summit after a fair bit of hike-a-bike.

Perfect location on a perfect day

And the perfect bike to take me there. Now fitted with Nate tyres front & rear 

This is why you need a fatbike. Heather, Peat & problem!

Another route where the trail looks good on the map, but...

Some soft & interesting conditions on the ride back

As you can see, the Nate is an awesome winter tyre for our muddy winter conditions

Back to civilisation...heading back to Dufftown after a great ride

One for the road?

See that bottles of whiskey that says 12 years old? Behind this door is where they store it until ready for bottling 

Superb colour on the last leaves of Autumn 

And no ride in Scotland would be complete without a photo of a heilan coo!

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  1. Ace wrtie up and pics motorman!,
    The Nate tyres are proving there worth on the peat...
    once the ML arrives i may put a set on the pug for the winter time gloop!