Tuesday, 7 February 2012

2012 - The story so far.....

Yep, not been posting much again. My days have been pretty full since Lucy arrived & the Christmas holidays, but the riding hasn't stopped!
Here is a collection of photos taken this year on various rides & general good times!

The fatbike is great for taking Daniel offroad. The large volume tyre & low pressure makes for a comfortable ride for my passenger & the long wheelbase make for a really stable ride at low speeds.

Getting ready to hit the local trails

Alien water bottle wood look great on a moonlander

I have been trying to rekindle the love for the 26" wheel again. This was the first outing on the rebuilt Ragley Bluepig. After spending so long riding Fat, it felt very strange on a small wheeler again. I have finally dialled the bike to my riding style & rides really nice now. Bike of choice for trail centres etc...

The cold, clear winter weather has been excellent riding conditions around my local area & giving the opportunity for some great photos & even better rides.

Crispy river ice

Ice as far as the eye can see...awesome riding

 Chester obviously doesn't feel the cold

Winter shadows with my trail buddy

Some cool graffiti on the coastal defence buildings

No place like home!

That says it all really!

I joined my local mountain bike club on one of their family days. It was a great day out & nice to meet some new friends. We did a route along the coastal trails in Roseisle forest, which was perfect for the youngsters in the group. 
I opted to cycle out from Lossiemouth to add some trail miles to the day & of course, cover as much of the coast as possible during the day!

Early start from home, catching the sunrise

Sheet ice all along the beach. It made for some comedy tank slappers!

Some members of Moray Mountain Bike Club - Nice to meet you all :o)

Predictably, taking the long way home at the end of a great 50K ride