Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Moray Firth Coast & Coffee

A few weeks ago, I took some time out, for a lazy sunday ride on one of my favourite routes along the coast here in Moray. With perfect riding weather, no wind & a low morning tide, everything was in place for a great day out on the bike. It has been a really busy few weeks, so a chilled out ride was exactly what the Dr ordered! 

Heading back down to the coast near Hopeman

Very low tide at Burghead. I have never been this far out on the beach here. This is one of the things I love about beach riding, the landscape is always changing & each ride always has something new to offer

The beach is all mine. Even though it was a Sunday, there was very few folks on the beach all day


West side of Roseisle, heading towards Kinloss

The end of the line. This is the sandbar at Findhorn, where the river meets the sea. What you can see here is the Eastern edge of Culbin. I had the legs to ride on here, but with a fatbike, it takes nearly 1hr just to make the road detour to get over there. This is where I finally decided there is a use for pacrafts in NE Scotland, so watch this space!


It was not far & the conditions were perfect for a paddle across......

I really like it here ;o)

Following the river back towards the village

I found an alternative to the packraft, but I was full of coffee & cake by this point. It gave me an idea to do a coastal 1 way all the to inverness & return home by train!


It was time to head for home through the dunes where I meet this wee guy


Moonlander test area?


Chilled out riding in some lovely locations - fatbiking - what's there not to like ?


  1. Inspiring countryside..nice post

  2. Deft some Moonlander test ground up there! MM

  3. Looks good. the whole coast the home via train is a great idea.