Monday, 11 June 2012

Sunset rider

As you probably know, my riding over the last while has taken a back seat to my duties as a father & family life. One of the benefits of riding when most people are either going to bed, or getting up, is you do get to witness some spectacular sunsets..something most people miss when they are sat in front of the TV eating crisps....

These were taken last week while riding down the West beach at lossiemouth on the way to the cliffs at covesea. Fantastic evening, no wind & an empty beach...Perfect!

The following evening, the bike was prepared for some bikepacking trips I have planned, so the racks were refitted & a couple of mods were made to the forks to allow a pair of bottle racks to be installed.
I have had issues in the past with not being able to carry enough water, so the bike is now fitted with 5 racks in total, which should be amble for the longest days in the saddle, or solo camping trips. (The 5th rack is not shown here, but is installed under the downtube)

Neat solution! I was surprised how little you notice the extra weight of the full bottles on the front of the bike

The now decommissioned lighthouse at Covesea

Unusual to find such a big vessel moored off lossiemouth? Also unusual to see a helicopter sat on the helideck?

Looking back towards home

Only real bikes look like this

Nearly time to head home for a well deserved tea & toast!

Oh, did I mention biking trips? My new wheels arrived this week! Really loving this thing, it is the perfect tool for transporting kids/ dogs / bikes & handy for camping trips. I just need to finish the fat racks for hauling bikes & we will be ready to roll! Here's to a great summer!


  1. Ace sunset pics as always Motorman!
    You always seem to pick the nice evenings!

  2. You really do justice to your home with these pics. Sure wish they sold vans like that stateside...