Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Coast, Camping & Kids

The last week has brought some really nice weather & allowed me to get a few hours riding in the evening. The town is busy with folks on holiday, so when the weather is nice, the beach is busier than usual, but late in the evening it is nice to have the place to myself again.

The kids have been on their summer holidays, so things are quite busy at home. Once they are all tucked up in bed, it is good to get out in weather like this to chill out for a while at the end of the day

Short video from the midweek riding. Ace weather!

Fast forward a few days - I had planned to take a short overnight trip on the Sunday night, but a sudden change in the weather forecast meant I had to pull my plans forward to, err, now!

With the children all sorted, I handed control over to Mum, & headed out on a very local overnight camp - less than 3 miles from home!

With less than 1 hr before sunset, I decided to head west, to one of my favourite spots on the coast around here - the cliffs on the west beach.

Luckly, the bike was all prepared a few days earlier, so it was easy to make a quick escape

Not super-lightweight camping, but I like it! Waterproof everything - great for beach trips

After a quick sprint down the beach, I soon reached my camp spot

Glorious colour in the evening light.

Lovely wee place to camp if you like to be the last in/first out

Room with a view

It didn't take long to pitch the tend, so all that was left to do, was make a brew & watch the sun set..

It was a fantastic evening & very mild. I spent ages outside watching a spectacular dispaly of shooting stars. A great nights sleep followed, with the sound of the sea crashing below me, as a great wake up call in the morning

Early 4am start to catch the sunrise & get some filming done

Moray- beach - bike....i'm in a happy place here

Time for morning coffee

Now, this is what I call breakfast with a view

Time to roll. I have this bike a year now & it has changed the way I enjoy the coast round here forever.

Really nice light at this time of the morning - shame so few folk actually bother to see it

7.00 am & back home again. The town was unusually busy on a Sunday, but it was the annual raft race today & everyone was out preparing for the big day.

After a shower & something to eat with the kids, myself & Daniel headed back out to Burghead, to do come coastal exploring by foot.

By good luck, there was a dredger in today, so it was 101 questions from the 4 year old...he loved it!

Beautiful morning over the Moray Firth. Findhorn & Culbin in the far distance

This is one of my favourite photos of the day!

Back to the "bus" for a mid morning snack. Exploring is hard work you know!

Chester looked like he was enjoying it too.

Time to start work

Now, thats a fair big roosty bucket! & i'm not talking about the bikes!

Why do Gulls always look grumpy?

I was jealous of this guy, looked to be a great day to be out on the water.

Later in the afternoon, we all went down to have a look at the Lossie raft race. Cracking weather & a great crowd turned up. Lots for the kids to do, but it was pretty noisy & hot, so we didn't stay for long. We opted to come home & set up the paddling pool in the garden!

I forgot my camera, so here are some photo's i have "borrowed" from the internet & facebook

After such a long day full of adventures, we had a nice evening chilling out in the garden....Marshmallows have never tasted so good...apart from the ones I burned!

Just as we were getting packed away, the rain that was forecast arrived, so perfect timing & I am glad we all made the most of such a nice weekend!


  1. Looks the sort of day that memories (young and older) are made of.
    Are those Jet Boil stoves much better than a "normal" gas stove?

  2. Yep, it was a great weekend :-)

    The jetboil is a fantastic piece of kit. Compact, light-ish &really fast at boiling water, even in a strong wind. Only downside is they are no good for cooking in with food (Burns very quickly to bottom) so they work best for short trips when using dehydrated foods....and coffee of course!