Friday, 31 August 2012

Little bus, Big bus...

We all have boxes of bike parts kicking around in the shed right? Well I do, & it was time to do something about them! I realised that I had enough parts to rebuild one of my old bikes that has been laying around in the corner for years. 
After a few hours I had The classic Raleigh Dyna Tech Cro Mo Comp back together. This was my first "real" mountain bike, that I bought when I started work all those years ago.

But before the bike was ready to roll again, it had a job to do - test rig for my homebrew fat fork project! I finally got the modifications to the old VF66 forks completed & everything fits just fine. Silly head angle on the old bike, but a laugh to play around with in the woods for a few nights! I still need to reduce the travel, but least everthing works & I have a "free" set of fat forks waiting to fit to the right bike in the future.

Wheelie machine!

Bridge removed, but these forks are super stiff & will be more than ample for conditions I ride in.

Looks good to me!

Fun project for a few nights, but it was time to return the bike back to XC mode...

I needed another bike for the latest addition to the fleet...a Weeride Pilot. Dan isn't quite there with his riding yet, so the tag along is the perfect solution to keep him rolling with Dad. 
What I like about this set-up, is the bike (front wheel removed) & weeride fit in the back of the van, so now we can both head out on the easier trails with the dog. Why walk if you can take a bike?

Recycling at it's best

Remember these? Looking good with the red DX brakes

Top quality quick hitch & swivel connector

Weeride has hinge pin, so frame folds for storage

A nice wee video from you tube, showing the fun to be had when riding together

Room for a 20x2.3" back there - beachriding pics coming soon!

This system works really well & it is good to be back on the old bike again. Problem solved for 1+1 cycling, but what if the whole family wants to go out?

My wife is just getting back into cycling after many years off a bike & as a result, isn't too confident about having a wee one on her bike, as it become really unbalanced, with all the weight over the back of the rear wheel. She also has a pet hate about kiddy trailers for some reason & refused to consider this as an option.

So what you going to do, to get everyone out?? After many, many nights on-line, I have finally bought a Yuba Mundo Cargo bike to solve all our family cycling problems.

The Mundo is the most family friendly of all the longtail cargo bikes on the market right now & fit 2 wee one with ease. Our bike will be set up like this for the kids to ride on.

Loads of room on the rear

I have also ordered a set of xtracycle Freeloader bags like these. These work great as side guards to prevent little feet from getting into the spokes & also give the bike huge load carrying ability for trips to the shops/park/beach etc. 

Now that would never be the end of the story would it? Turns out the Mundo can fit fat tyres on the rear. I have a spare 135mm Surly fork hanging around, so I'm sure you can guess what is coming next...

2.35 Fat frank, next to a Surly Black floyd 3.8

Rim & tyre ready for front wheel build

It won't look this good, but there is something very cool about fat cargo bikes & I can't wait to get this project rolling!

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