Monday, 30 September 2013

Where have you been?

Well that is a really good question....

The last year has been fairly intense, with all manner of things taking priority over riding & blogging, however, this trend has now been reversed!

A few months of chaos at work, led to a drawn out period of job offers & interviews. After much consideration, I have decided to stay where I am, working in the Norwegian offshore industry.
In times of economic instability, it is comforting to be working for a company that is investing near $2Billion in capital investment for new rigs & is looking to recruit in excess of 3000 new people over the next few years & has long term secure contract. Like the old saying goes, money isn't everything...

The other big news headline of the summer was I moved house! After many months of searching, the perfect house came up for sale at the other side of town. Cue weeks of packing boxes & shunting stuff around. 
The new place is fantastic, a few minutes walk from all the local shops, great garden for the kids & more room for bikes!

We are pretty much settled now, which leads rather nicely to bikes....oh yeah, bikes..

I sold the El Mariachi to a rather nice chap from Poland, to make way for......

A rather nice Moonlander! 

The 9:zero:7 continues to goes from strength to strength....

The blog is going to be a catch up on stuff for a while, more for my sake rather than anything else. 
Normal service will resume shortly ;o)