Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Morning Coffee

I'm heading back to Norway in a few days time. I always try to get just 1 more ride in the bag before I depart to the big metal island.... 

I had arranged to meet my wife at my mums for a morning coffee & then onwards to rediscover some of the old trails I used to blaze about on as a child. Well, what is the point of driving if you can ride?

Another superb morning in lossiemouth....

....But, looking behind me, there was trouble brewing on the horizon. Hmm.

Quite a lot of crap get spoken these days on various forums as everyone be come an expert on all things Fatbike. Tyres are always a hot topic & the On one Floater somehow has been dismissed as a sand tyre because it is too aggressive for beach riding?
I am really liking the floater in all conditions & find it as good as anything I have ridden on sand. Rolls well, grips well, is well priced, what is not to like?

Time to head inland through one of the dozens of dune trails round here

Pit stop for rain jacket, as the weather front finally caught up with me

Many a good day had here on my old chrome BMX...;o)

Refuelled with coffee & caramel sponge cake, It was time to head over to Loch Na Bo. There are loads of  trails in here, most of them only make sense on a fatbike now we are in the wet weather, as the vast majority of them are horse trails & very hoofed up 

Virgin bike terrain. Never seen any other tyre tracks the whole time I was here, showing how underused this place actually is. Wonderful.

Floater also doing sterling service in the gloop. Only sightly less grip than a Nate, but a much nicer all rounder.

Horseshit. Plenty of that to avoid, but small price to pay for the fantastic trails they have created

Kettle loch

Loch Na Bo House gardens. Had the kids here for a picnic in the summer, lovely spot when the sun is shining

Loch Na Bo getting whipped up by the strengthening wind

These caught my eye last week when in TK Maxx...Mountain Force Sonic Pants.
I have been looking for a set of these for a while & couldn't belive my luck when I found a pair in my size for £69.....these retail at £350!!

I don't really subscribe to bike specific clothing, as I find most of the gear out there fails to perform as expected. These are branded as ski pants, but in reality are thin enough to wear all year round as rain trousers. Very comfortable, excellent cut, reinforced on the insides of the ankles & very, very waterproof.

Rain now coming down so hard, camera starting to fog up. Regardless of the weather, it was a great ride rediscovering some old trails & a good trial for my new wet weather gear.

Soundtrack for today is BRMC again. The magic that is the right music on the right trail! 


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  2. Hope your still riding your fat bike, nothing like it.